Book Editing by Lisa: Novels, Novellas, Short Stories, and Articles

Inexpensive rates to get your book published fast!

What I do:

I mostly cater to indie book authors. You want your books out quickly and with a minimum of fuss, but you absolutely do not want reviews saying “this book needs editing.”

I provide line editing and proofreading services, but if I notice holes in your story, POV mismatch, or unclear sections, I will point these out. Not in a “you must change this” way, but more in a “hey, did you mean to do this?” way.

I use Microsoft Word’s track changes feature for editing.

Turn around is generally less than a week. I currently only accept one job at a time.

I do not generally do a final read-through. If your manuscript needs a lot of major changes and you want a final read-through we can work something out.


Rates are $0.002 a word.

For Example:

10,000 words = $20
20,000 words = $40
30,000 words = $60
40,000 words = $80
50,000 words = $100

I accept payment via paypal. Email me at Sample 5 page edits available upon request.

Just a note: the U.S. punctuates things a bit differently than Canada and the United Kingdom, so let me know if you are from Canada or the United Kingdom.

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