Diary of a Double Ear Infection with Amoxicillin

Broin, just turned 7 months old, is on Day 4 of Amoxicillin, for a double ear infection.

I keep thinking I should write this stuff down, because this is SO NOT how I remember this kind of stuff going with my older son. So here goes, here is my diary of how the ear infection first presented itself.

I hope this helps someone.

Extra ear wax or brown leaky fluid could equal ear infection

If I recall correctly, the first thing we noticed was what we thought was extra ear wax coming out of one of Broin’s ears – not squirting or anything, but just collecting on the outside of the ear canal. Plus it smelled weird – like bad weird.

I later discovered that this is a sign of an ear infection. A small hole develops in the ear drum and the infected fluid leaks out. The hole should heal when the ear infection is gone.

Then, he got cold symptoms. he got a runny nose and green snot and at night he would have a hard time breathing and laying down so we would take turns sleeping with him in the recliner, upright on our chest. At one point he even got a croupy cough.

showers and more showers

The first few days he was so congested that we took a shower with him every 2 hours or so so that he could nurse and breathe. We would suck his nose out in the shower with the bulb syringe and get *so much snot!*

But he started getting better, and he never had a fever, so we never took him to the doctor. (at this point his ear was not leaking “extra wax” anymore)

Then, after 2 nights of almost normal sleep and little snot he started getting worse again. he wouldn’t lay down again and his nose started running a lot again and he started coughing – like a throat clearing cough.

To the Doctor

After a night of little sleep I took him to the doctor. His doctor said both of his ears were infected pretty badly.

Talk about feeling like the worst parent in the world! He had been sick for almost 2 weeks.

His father and his brother ALSO got the same cold and they were also sick for more than a week – so I guess that and the fact that he didn’t have a fever are my big excuses for not taking him to the doctor earlier.

So the doctor put him on Amoxicillin. He said his throat and lungs were fine and we just needed to clear up the infection.

Here’s how the Amoxicillin is going:

Day 1: not too different

First Dose around 11 am. By 3 in the afternoon I am imagining I can see an improvement. he did not seem as congested to me.

That evening, he still slept on my chest and was as bad as ever.

Day 2: different, but not really better, plus raw butt His nose is still running profusely but it is turning clear instead of off white and opaque. He is starting to cough now, a lot – that throat clearing cough.

That evening, he slept in his crib, lying on his back or side all night. (YAY!!!) but naps were on my lap.

When he nurses though, he is still very crunchy and sometimes I have to suck out his nose so he can nurse still and we are still steaming him out before bed every night.

Plus, now his butt is raw and red. Yeasty diaper rash. Fun. We have some rash cream from when he was in the NICU right after birth so we are using that.

Day 3: sleeping better, feeling better Butt is worse. Nose seems a bit better. All naps and night time sleep are in his crib :) His nose is still running all day every day. and he still has that cough. Ears draining into throat?

Day 4: butt bad, sleep good Butt horrible. Today, he spent the entire day naked to air out his poor diaper rash. He cries when I wipe him. He has horrible diarrhea and poops every time he coughs. I have cleaned up poop and pee 12 or 14 times.

Sleep is good. Nose is clear and constantly running. He is barely pulling on his ears anymore (not that he ever did this a whole lot)

Day 5, getting better:

Broin slept for 7 hours straight last night, then woke to nurse, then slept for another 2 and a half. crazy. Only the third time in his seven months he has done that.

His butt is still raw, but it looked super good when he woke up. He still has diarrhea so until that’s over we probably will be dealing with this.

His nose barely ran. He was hardly crunchy at all and coughed very little.

thank goodness, we have turned the corner. :)

More naked butt time for the diaper rash.

Day 6. mostly well

No more naked butt time. I can’t stand the laundry and the cleaning up anymore. His butt looks better anyway.

He seems well, is sleeping well. He is starting to hate the amoxicillin.

Day 7. mostly well

He seems well. BUT, he is still pulling on his ears sometimes. PLEASE let that be from teething.

Day 8. almost totally well (but mommy sick)

ARGH. Broin is doing great. I however, finally got the cold. It’s probably my own fault – I ate a bunch of crap and got myself all out of whack and then boom, sick.

I feel crappy.

AND, although Broin seems to be sleeping fine in regards to being sick, yesterday he walked behind a little baby walker for the first time and last night he woke up every hour to cruise around his crib and then cry till I picked him up….

Day 9: Well. but still pulling on ears

He seems all totally better. but he still pulls on his ears. I know he’s got teeth coming in. I hope that’s it.


SOOOOO happy this is the last day he will get the amoxicillin.

Poor baby is still pooping 6 times a day. And waking up plenty at night again.

2 days post amoxicillin

So I have an otoscope, and I finally figured out how to actually SEE in his ears. I put him on the boppy in cradle position and nurse him. This puts him in a good position AND he lets me look around in there till I can see something. This is the one I have.

 Third Generation Dr Mom Slimline Stainless LED Pocket Otoscope now includes True View Full Spectrum LED and Pocket ClipCheck Price

His ears look just like the CLEAR picture, so I know all this pulling he is doing on them is not from an ear infection. Must be his teeth.

He is STILL pooping watery poop a ton. I have doubled up on his probiotics and will continue to do so for a while to try to help his tummy get back to normal.

 Biogaia Protectis Baby Drops, 5 mlCheck Price

The probiotics are done, but he still had diarrhea for almost a week after the probiotics were done. One day I had the bright idea to give him chicken stock. on that day, the diarrhea finally dried up.

HOWEVER, his ears are full of water again. I don’t know if they are infected. I am not thrilled.

I really do not want to give him antibiotics again. We noticed this two days ago and I asked around and read everything I could on the subject and what we are doing is trying Wally’s ear oil in the ear and basil oil behind it.

 Wally’s Natural Products – Ear Oil Liquid – 1 ozCheck Price

I’ll keep you updated.

One thought on “Diary of a Double Ear Infection with Amoxicillin

  1. Most ear infections are viral not bacteria so you should not feel bad about going to the doctor before that. I work as an advice nurse and I spend a lot of the day talking me about of the unnecessary use of antibiotics. Antibiotics have side effects too. Having said that, sometimes they are necessary.

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