Done at Squidoo?

Hi everyone, this is probably my last post about squidoo. It’s been a long time since I’ve posted, and it’s even been a while since I’ve made a lens.

I’ve considered writing many times, but I never did find the time – probably my first indication that my heart wasn’t in it anymore since sales of my book were shut down.

I had my baby in late October and since then I have had very little time to work, so I am switching modes. I am moving to full time vlogger.

This is something I can do while I spend time with my family, and hopefully the editing and posting will take less time than squidoo lenses and my websites take to create and maintain.

I don’t want to say I will never do squidoo again – I love squidoo, and I LOVE my squidoo friends … and I have gotten pretty good at it. Let’s just say I probably won’t ever make it my main focus again like it has been for the last year.

Anyway, if you haven’t seen a picture of my baby yet, here he is: Broin Weber :)

25 thoughts on “Done at Squidoo?

  1. Hey Lisa
    What a cute baby!
    Sad you are leaving Twitter….I got your book about a week or two before you stopped selling it. Your book is what got me started in Squidoo and I just wanted to say Thanks!
    Wish you all the best
    Mary Kathan

  2. Sorry to see no more emails. :( I enjoyed getting them and reading them but I totally understand. Squidoo makes you money but it does take time and effort and then it seems to me other out rank you in their lenses. Maybe that is how it goes sometimes. What is Vlogging? Sorry new to that word. LOL. Your little one is a cutie. :)

  3. I got your book too and loved it. I cannot understand why they wanted you not to promote it on Squidoo. Ok thanks. Awesome. Video blogging sounds fun to do. :)

  4. I hope to stay connected with you even if not thru a newsletter! Your baby is a sweetheart! That’s where my heart would be if I were you! :-) I look forward to your vlogs!

  5. Hi, sorry to see you go and hope you will keep in contact via Facebook and hope the vlogging works out. All the best and thanks for your help. . .

  6. Today a lot of lensmasters are throwing their hands in the air as yet more fiddling and tweaking goes on at Squidoo, this time on the Amazon modules.

    It is a constant fine line we walk as creators of content that is ‘owned’ by squidoo and pretty much out of our control.

    I loved squidoo so much from the very start, 5 years ago now, but I have to admit that the constant (retrospective) changes, without any consultation, has well and truly strained the relationship almost to breaking point on many occasions.

    As I have recently been give the goodies of a Giant, I want to test and play with those for a while, but I must admit, I don’t have the passion or comittment I used to have… now it is a day by day proposition, and very occasional work.

    I liked your book and got some good reinforcement of fundamentals in lens building for profit. But I understand your ‘retiring’ from being a commercial identity in relation to Squidoo.

    In some ways it’s probably good you don’t still promote the book on squidoo, as you would constantly have to deal with customers not coping with changes in layout and formats on squidoo not matching your book descriptions… Tiff had that same problem too, but she still released a book recently.

    You could still sell the book as PLR content???


  7. Sad to see you go Lisa. Loved receiving your emails and I am also drifting from Squidoo with all the changes its getting to be a pain.
    Love Broin :)

  8. I just wanted to thank you for your squidoo lens on CVA, I wish it was still up. I started the Nasopure for my son and it has helped tremendously…..I found it through your story (identical to ours) and that lens. Just wanted to thank you so much for your help!!!!!!!! How is your son doing?

  9. Aw thanks for letting me know!! I haven’t actually had any good feedback regarding the nasopure, but it has been a total CURE for my son. I am thinking of putting up my CVA page here on this website. Lisa

  10. I started Nasopure after reading your post and what a tremendous help for my family! I wish you could post your page about it here again. I just tried to revisit the page on squidoo and could not find it any more. I want to thank you and hope your message will help more parents.

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