Early Teethers, Late Teething: Every Baby Gets Teeth

They” say that babies start teething at about 6 months, but of course this is an average that may mean nothing to your kid! Some babies are born with teeth and some babies don’t have any at almost a year old!

You know what’s cool? My oldest son and I both got our first two teeth on the exact same day – the day we turned three months old. I know this because my mother actually wrote in my baby book the day that my first two teeth came in. Thanks mom.

In fact, they were the same teeth also – we both got our bottom front two teeth first.

I half expected Broin to get his first two teeth on the day he turned three months old also, but he waited until he was three months and three weeks old. Also his bottom front two.

… So we are early teethers in this family.  Unfortunately that can contribute to dental decay :(  (which it didn’t with Joe – he didn’t have any cavity issues till he was older, but of course just having the teeth for longer than most kids do might have had something to do with something – he still doesn’t have very many cavities)

(what about nursing a baby with teeth)

When I told Joe’s Dr. that he was teething at six weeks old, she called me crazy. I made sure to make a special trip in to her office when those first two teeth popped up six weeks later.

We bought Broin a vibrating teething ring. Actually it is not a ring it is in the shape of a little bee and the baby holds onto its wings. It’s actually very cute. Broin seems like it a lot – he bit down and let the vibrating part vibrate in his mouth. You can see in the video that he seems to enjoy it and he is choosing to put it into his mouth by himself. :) It must feel good.

 Learning Curve Baby Buzzing BeeCheck me out

We tried the teething tablets, they don’t seem to help much. We use cold teething rings too, but sometimes those just make him mad.

 Natursutten BPA-Free Chill-It Teether, Fish, 3-12 Monthscheck me out Munchkin Fun Ice Soothing Ring Teether, Colors May Vary, 2-Countcheck me out

I fully expect Broin to have a full mouth full of teeth by the time he is 11 months old just like his brother.

I remember when Joe was little he always had a big rash under his neck from drooling so much :( John’s sister Kelly told us to put Aquaphor on the area and that worked like a charm!

So when did your baby get teeth? Early or late? I wonder which is easier … probably neither.

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