Facebook Now Has Hash Tags

Facebook now has Hashtags and I for one am thrilled. I love Hash tags but I refused to use them when they were not live on Facebook. Many of my friends did but I resisted.

Now that they are for real I can’t stop using them.

All of my posts now look like this: #allofmypostsnowlooklikethis

They will eventually calm down and just be part of Facebook and be normal and people won’t overuse them, but for now every word I write on Facebook will be a Hash tag.

But I don’t see any hashtags yet!

Sit tight! Facebook is rolling this out like they have all of their other changes. So far it seems about half of my friends do see them and half don’t.

Now, we need some sort of website alliance that connects Hashtags in the same way that Twitter and Facebook connect Hashtags. Many WordPress could roll something out.


how about you? Do you love Hash tags or hate them?


????? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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