Giving My Infant Probiotics: The Kind of Probiotic We Use Plus Discussion

For Broin (my 3 month old baby) I USED TO USE Nature’s Way Primadophilus Reuteri probiotics. I like it because it is powder so it can be given to very young children. Now I give him BioGaia Drops – see them lower on the page.

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Does My Baby Need Probiotics?
Do You Give Your Baby Probiotics?

I don’t know if you would want to get it from Amazon because some people are saying it should be refrigerated.

I started giving this probiotic to Broin as soon as he got out of the NICU, so at seven days old. Basically I went to my local health food store and asked what is the best probiotic for newborns and they pointed out this one.

I asked how I would give it to him and they said some people make a paste and put it on their nipple but I ended up just giving it to him with a dropper.

There are infant probiotic drops and after looking at this one I may switch or at least try it out because the reviews are so fantastic for it. BioGaiam Drops

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Update! I have ordered these drops and tried them and so far I think I like them more than the other. The day after I started them Broin pooped 4 times – that may seem like a bad thing but it’s good! When he goes too long without he gets all gassy and fussy so it was very, very good.

Does My Baby Need Probiotics?

This is such a good question! If my baby was on formula, I would DEFINITELY give probiotics. Moms milk has it, formula may not, and it’s such an important part of gut and overall health.

(oh, and if as a family we ate a lot of fermented foods maybe my answer would be different, but we don’t)

Broin is breastfed, and if he hadn’t have already gotten antibiotics I probably would not give him probiotics until he started to eat solid food, but he has had antibiotics and so I think it is important he get probiotics to rebuild all the good bacteria he was supposed to get from me and that was probably killed during that week in the NICU.

When Joe was born I had antibiotics in an IV because my water broke first and the hospital insisted on it. His skin smelled like antibiotics for DAYS after he was born. I wish I had known about probiotics then. Maybe he would not have gotten sick so much as a baby if I had.

As it is, Broin has never been sick ONCE. He was in the NICU for some sort of aspiration during birth, and since then (he is four months now) he hasn’t had so much as a sniffle. And I have actually had a minor sore throat once and a slight runny nose twice (it’s the middle of winter here) I haven’t actually been *sick* in years (since I started low carb, probiotics, and enzymes for myself), but when stuff is going around I sometimes get it and it is super mild.

The time I had the sore throat I could only even feel it during one night. When I was getting up to nurse Broin at night I thought “wow my throat feels raw and swollen” but by morning it felt better and I was fine the next night. Pretty minor :) and as far as I know, Broin never got it or if he did it was just as minor.

Do you give your baby probiotics?

Has it helped gas or constipation or reflux? Or do you just do it because they have had antibiotics? I want to hear from you!

2 thoughts on “Giving My Infant Probiotics: The Kind of Probiotic We Use Plus Discussion

  1. We use floristor for kids. I put in yogurt. Did not nurse Mackenna. Use to use culterelle. My sister uses that because my niece had her spleen removed at 11 from ITP. She has to take penecillian everyday for the rest if her life. Mackennas Dr suggestion to switch because the peds said when given antibiotics other probiotics get depreciated where as floristor keeps its #’s up.

  2. Interesting, I had never heard of florastor before. Reading the comments on Amazon it seems pretty good.

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