Healthy Baby Food Myths

I just got my copy of the Nourishing Traditions Book of Baby and Child Care in the mail today and I am super excited to read it. I have a four month old baby and he is very interested in starting to eat food.

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With my first son I fed him rice cereal and jarred baby food. With this baby, I do not want to feed him any sort of cereal or jarred baby food. I want him to eat what we are eating and I want to give him the healthiest start possible. He will still be nursing for at least another year I am sure but when he starts on real food I wanted to be healthy for him.

I have read here and there that jarred baby food is not actually healthy for babies or at least is not the healthiest food that they could consume. I will read this book with interest to see exactly what it recommends. From what I’ve heard it recommends feeding your baby egg yolks and meat as great first foods.

I have just received this book but as I read it I will update this page soon and give some idea what it contains.

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