Make Webpages and Blog Pages the Easy Way

Ok, first let me say 2 things: 1) This will make adding PRODUCTS from amazon and zazzle into your webpage or blog much easier and quicker (like a zillion times) and 2) You still need content! words on your page! :)

(I originally recommended this tool for squidoo lenses too, but with all the recent changes I am not sure if squidoo will allow something like this, so I am not recommending it for squidoo anymore)

That being said, let me introduce Easy Product Displays.

I have made some webpages with EPD and I was able to go in, search for what I wanted and have my links and code to copy and paste in something like 30 seconds.

That’s how easy it is, that’s how quick.

It’s actually quite amazing. The product was created by a friend of mine who writes squidoo lenses and makes websites. We were discussing how the other product display creators like box builder don’t work on websites and he said he might work on his own that did.

He created this tool, and then let a group of online marketers beta test it and make suggestions. Eventually, this is what he came up with. It could make certain types of websites about 100 times easier to build.

So check it out and see what you think. Leave me a comment if you like it! :)

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