Squidoo: Working on Halloween Content? Or Back to School Content?

Hi everyone, Lisa here.

So what are you working on right now? I see people working on two things at Squidoo

1) Halloween Lenses

2) Back to School Lenses

Back to school will happen first (Year round kids start today, most everybody else starts at the end of August or beginning of September.)

My kid is homeschooled, and I find back to school boring :( so I don’t do it. Besides, it can’t be as big as Halloween!

I didn’t target Halloween lenses last year, so I really don’t know, but from what I’ve heard, October Halloween sales can be as big as December Christmas sales. … Imagine getting an extra $800 or so in your December 15th squidoo paycheck to buy christmas gifts with! Or take a christmas vacation with! … That’s what I’m imagining right now.

So I’m certainly thinking Halloween right now. Here’s a lens I made:

Platypus Costumes

Silly, I know. :) lol. I choose silly over boring though.

Here’s another I just did too

Hilarious Halloween Costumes

That one I will add to over the next month or so and make it much longer – I will add at least 10 more costumes.

So, where to get ideas?!

Well, you can use a keyword tool and just start typing stuff in and see what happens. We talked about jaaxy last time –


or you can just use the google keyword tool.

I got some ideas just looking around my house. Oh, look, Phineas and Ferb are on the TV. Phineas and Ferb Costumes? Jaaxy says there are lots of searches – how about competition? I type in Phineas and Ferb Costumes on Google and the very first result is a squidoo lens. Well, good for that person but not for me. The second result is an exact match domain. Plus there are some more well-known domains later in the page. Naahhh – I’m not going to use that one.

How about Perry the Platypus Costumes? (he’s a character on Phineas and Ferb). Wow, even MORE competition! forget that one too.

How about Platypus costumes? Can you believe 5400 people a MONTH search for platypus costumes? What is up with that?

When I type it in to the google search bar, the first page that comes up is ebay. That is a *very* good sign. A look at the competition makes me think I can beat all or most of these guys with a squidoo lens. So I made a platypus costumes lens. :)

The biggest problem now is there really aren’t any Platypus costumes! So I came up with the idea of a beaver costume with a duck bill! lol. We’ll see if I make any sales or get any traffic.


By the way, I didn’t sell all my squidoo lenses. But I’ve sold a lot. I kept all but three of my tier 1 lenses and I only kept 3 tier 2 lenses, plus a few others. I still would sell them if the right offer came along I think – hey I’ve got a midwife to pay in full by October 13th! (my 37th week)


What else am I working on right now?

Tons. I’m maintaining my Hawaii Website and my fibromyalgia website. I wrote a woman’s health PLR pack and put it up for sale just this morning. I’m writing a Kindle book (erotica, so I won’t talk about it too much) ;) and of course I work on my lenses.

I just got Tiffany Dow’s latest email about her Halloween PLR mega pack and I am kicking myself for not being the one to do it. She’s selling 60 PLR articles about Halloween for $30 and I bet she sells a ton.

If you read her sales copy here

you’ll see that she is a MASTER at making you think that her PLR articles will solve every problem you’ve ever had online. I love how she does that. She’s really good at it. Plus including videos about how to use the PLR online and at Squidoo? She’s a genius.

I hate to be someone who copies or emulates others, but how can I help it? She really has blazed her own path in the online marketing world and done it well.

So that’s it for me for now! Keep making lenses!

So what are YOU working on? And did you do Halloween or Back to School last year on Squidoo? How did you do?

6 thoughts on “Squidoo: Working on Halloween Content? Or Back to School Content?

  1. Halloween is a great niche to get into. Just yesterday I earned over $10 from one sale from one of my Halloween lenses. I am new to Squidoo (joined in April), so I can only imagine how lucrative creating lenses for Halloween will be in the long run.

  2. Private label rights articles – articles I write, and tons of people buy for cheap. then they combine them into an autroresponder series or rewrite them and post them on the internet.

  3. I was just going to do xmas lenses, now I am jumping in and doing a few halloween lenses I thought ebay was a bad sign maybe not, thanks a lot for the idea

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