Walking Wings Helping Your Baby Learn to Walk

I never even knew these things existed. But one day I was browsing on my local shop and swap and saw that somebody was selling one of these.

I was actually second in the queue but I said “40-year-old new mom here and almost 50-year-old dad. We need these!” And the woman who was in front of me laughed and gave up her place. I didn’t intend for her to give up her place but I appreciated it.

 Upspring Baby Walking Wings Learning To Walk Assistant BlueCheck Price

looking at the new walking wings on Amazon it seems that I have an old model. Maybe there was even a recall, I’m not sure. However they don’t seem that unsafe to me and I will probably keep using them.

So far, they are more fun than anything else. But Broin is wanting to walk more and more these days and bending over to hold his hands is killing my back. It killed my back when it was Joe 10 years ago. So I have a feeling we will be using this more often soon.

Especially once he wants to go outside and run around on the concrete I think these will be going on him often. the worst is when they fall down and scrape themselves up and then cry and cry forever and have big bruises and road rash. I hate that.

So where can you buy walking wings? They are on Amazon! Everything is on Amazon. There are even some other brands over there that might look better to you.

 Walking Wings Learning to Walk Assistant – BlueCheck Price

have you used Walking wings? Did it help your baby learn to walk without him falling over all the time? Do you like them or love them or hate them? I would love to hear from you!

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